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Everyone connected to the Internet is vulnerable to intrusion from hackers who get into the systems in search of security holes in your operating systems and applications. This threat is even more important if the computer is connected to the Internet. And why security is becoming an increasingly important sector in IT (information technology) and the complexity of the implementation differs from one operating system to another. It is therefore necessary to protect your computer from intrusion by installing a firewall.

It is in this context that is our project and that's why we developed BadTuxWall. BadTuxWall is a Linux firewall that allows you to manage your security, without having the slightest idea about Netfilter and iptables commands, only by using a Graphical User Interface.


Why use BadTuxWall

BadTuxWall helps you to implement your own firewall on a Linux operating system. It takes into consideration two types of users (Beginner and Expert) :
- For beginner users: it gives them a very easy and efficient GUI to implement their firewall.
- For expert users: it allows them to add their own rules of iptables using a flexible GUI.

Also, BadTuxWall allows you to :
- Create your own iptables script using a GUI, and execute it.
- Generate the script executed and export it into a file to share it with friends.
- Use several network tools with GUI, as: Ping, ifconfig …

screenshot BadTuxWall
screenshot BadTuxWall

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